20. Mar, 2018


SOCIAL HOUSING - From Taxpayers Against Poverty
The inhuman pressures of the UK housing market are being allowed to override the human need for shelter of the poorest tenants with the lowest incomes.

The Commission asks the crucial question "How would you define 'social housing'?"

We offer three answers to that question:


A, Affordable social housing is good in principle.
Social rents in Council Housing, Community Land Trusts and the Walterton and Elgin Community Housing can be affordable because the land is removed from the market and taken out of the rent calculation.

B. Social housing is a disaster in practice.
Because rents are linked to and go up with the price of land in a rising housing market, which profits landlords, national and international property speculators in UK land; but the incomes of renters are losing value or stopped, being taxed while housing benefit is cut, creating debt, hunger, mental and physical illness, and an early death.

C The Haringey Development Vehicle was a disaster in the making for social housing.
Because council land, on which truly affordable social rents depends, and which has been providing over ten thousand affordable homes since the 1950s, was going to be moved into the chaotic UK housing market. It involved the demolition of both 1100 homes in the Northumberland Park ward and the deprived community who currently live there. The council and the developer know all there is to know about the price of land, demolition and building but know nothing about the value of a deprived community.