18. Mar, 2018


Courts that are like an A&E unit on a Saturday night, violent abusers walking free because evidence has gone missing, and lawyers doing hours of unpaid work to keep the system from collapse, are all part of a damning picture painted in a new book on the legal system by a barrister.

According to the anonymous author of The Secret Barrister: Stories Of The Law And How It’s Broken, the courts in Britain have been brought to their knees by government cuts and left so plagued by daily errors they are no longer fit for purpose.

The identity of the writer of this fly-on-the-wall account of what goes on in Britain’s courtrooms is a well-guarded secret – and the subject of online curiosity among a Twitter following of 87,000.

UK courts service spending sees tenfold rise since 2010
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The eponymous “secret barrister” uses the accounts of real people and cases to reveal the legal system as being so broken that the innocent can find themselves behind bars while “every single day the provably guilty walk free”.

Damning book by ‘secret barrister’ tells of courts so plagued by daily errors as to be unfit for purpose