18. Mar, 2018


To ridicule Islam in such a crass manner does not harm Islam as a religion. But it creates more hatred and animosity towards the followers of Islam. When a religious community is targeted in such a disgusting and vicious way, Muslims in multi-religious societies feel victimized and humiliated. They become alarmed, and become defensive. That is not the sort of situation anyone likes to be put in.
Fanatics fan fanaticism by their provocations and demeaning actions. Thus inter-communal relations become bitter, and lead to the feelings of estrangement and social isolation. It is natural for the members of such a community to resort to vengeance.
As a Humanist, I strongly condemn what these women did. If anyone fights against any religion, then this was not the way to do so.
--- Nasir Khan

Two women were arrested after allegedly stealing items from a mosque and broadcasting the whole episode on Facebook Live, police say. In the videos, the…