18. Mar, 2018



It would seem that wherever fracking is involved some kind of suspect activities are not too far away.

The Ministry of defence has taken to selling off their land to property developers, but is this practice lawful? Could selling land to developers be dangerous in any way? And what has all this got to do with fracking I here you ask?

The answer to the first question is very much in the ''grey'' area, as to the second question, the answer is an undeniable yes it could be very dangerous, old ordinance of rusting explosives on ex MOD land that have houses built on top of them tend to be extremely dangerous.
Fracking is at the time I write this very much connected with ex MOD land in the form of Misson Springs.

Known as ''the rocket site'' locally, this ex MOD land has very big concerns to the locals that live close to it. The local villagers are very correct to be concerned,since this potential fracking site that Igas energy want to frack has long been known to contain old ordinance and it is logical to conclude, that drilling close to unexploded bombs could set a worldwide precedent, since no known fracking operation anywhere has attempted to frack on an old bomb site?

As if the madness and dangers surrounding fracking is not enough, this site seeks to top all of that, with such a hair brained and a profit - at- any -cost cavalier attitude.

If this site is ever signed off to be given the permission to frack then the minister that does that needs to visit a good psychiatrist and be reminded that if any deaths result from his/her permission his/her hands will never be expunged of the blood on them.

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