18. Mar, 2018


Look UP!! Now that the Fraud Investigation on Trump/Russia Collusion is PROVEN TO BE A FRAUD PERPETUATED/COVERED UP BY FBI LEADERSHIP, ON BEHALF OF THE FRAUD DNC, FRAUD FAKE DOSSIER, FRAUD FISA WARRANT. Now, Mueller thinks he needs to Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards.SHUT IT DOWN!! What is he hiding?!! UNDERSTAND ROBERT MUELLER WAS HEAD OF FBI DURING THE 911 ATTACK! #FBI Files Prove #RobertMueller Approved Cover-Ups During 9/11 Investigation http://nyeveningnews.com/…/fbi-files-prove-robert-mueller-…/

Thank you for posting, Tom Fitton @TomFitton
"Mueller’s get-@realDonaldTrump Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards.
Rosenstein derelict. Mueller out of control. Shut It down."

Headlines: "Mueller’s Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards"

During special counsel Robert Mueller’s time as director of the FBI from 2001 to 2013, he actively sought to cover up disturbing links between a Saudi…