18. Mar, 2018


“What were once family homes in London are being converted into tiny flats for single ex-homeless people over the age of 35, in order to extract the maximum amount of housing benefit or universal credit.

Landlords and developers have carved up thousands of houses in at least 20 London boroughs since planning laws were relaxed in 2010 and are thought to be making millions out of the benefit system, squeezing more than £50,000 a year from each home.

Southwark council is paying Ford’s rent of £884.35 a month, which is the maximum benefit for a one-bedroom flat in the borough, to a registered social landlord, Green Park Property Management. If the four other micro-flats in Ford’s building are similarly rented, it could be receiving more than £53,000 a year from what was previously a two-bedroom maisonette.”

Landlords carving up a home into micro-flats can net £50,000 a year. And it’s taxpayers who foot the bill