17. Mar, 2018


ust a quick email to let you know how the vote went... or rather didn't go. The new law to make 'trial shifts' pay at least minimum wage got 'talked out' - it means some MPs deliberately talked too long so there wouldn't be time to vote on the bill. This 'talking out' of new laws is disgusting and not democratic.

Thank you so much for emailing your MP about the campaign, it was unusual to see so many MPs stay in Westminster on a Friday to wait for the vote. It's such a shame the vote wasn't allowed to happened. The next time an opportunity like this comes along, you can bet we'll be there again.

Organise members stand up for everyone's rights at work, everything from getting paid on trial shifts to parents sharing their parental leave. Thank you for being one of us.

Usman, Nat and the Organise team

It's a practise called filibustering, and lots of people want it banned. You can read more about it here:

The House of Commons Speaker should be given powers to ban MPs from blocking debates on new laws by talking non-stop for hours, an influential…