15. Mar, 2018


And it starts. The deep state is swiftly moving to the next phase of the NWO. They are now desperate to move as quickly as possible, because of the huge cracks now appearing in the political divide. Brexit, Trump, Hungary, Poland, Austria and now Italy have all proven that "we the people" don't like what's going on.

Vladimir Putin is against the NWO. Russia is extremely close to launching a gold backed currency. They have nationalised their central bank and nearly paid off the Rothschild debt following the collapse of the USSR. They have created an alternative banking system so they can "unplug" themselves out of the fraudulent fiat currency SWIFT banking system and not be negatively affected. Their farms now grow enough organic crops to feed half the world's population and they provide the majority of Europe's gas supply. They have one of the world's largest areas of timber and have accumulated enough gold reserves to be completely self sufficient. They are a major nuclear power assisting Syria and Iran, which is stopping the Greater Israel project from expanding and the Qatari gas pipeline from supplying Europe, which would diminish Russian control across the West.

Vladimir Putin is getting in the way of the cabal.

The Zionists "founded" the Federal Reserve in 1913, and brought about the creation of Israel in 1917 with the help of the British government. The British government "employed" the Wahabbist Ibn Saud and his jihadis in the 1920's to help them create what is now (from 1932 onwards) the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 1941 President Roosevelt ignored warnings of a planned Japanese invasion, and on 7th December 1941 most of the aircraft based at Pearl Harbour were mysteriously located away from the base, leading to the "false flag" attack which decimated the navy fleet killing 2400 Americans, which then gained the support of the American people to enter the war in Europe.

After WWII ended in 1945, the "winners" of the war directed the narrative and anti semitic rhetoric was frowned upon to stop the anti Israel sentiment from growing. Also in 1945 President Roosevelt met with the King of Saudi Arabia and the deal was done to create the petro-dollar, where allegedly at that meeting the Saudi King stated that his country would provide as much oil as required as long as his "religion" was left alone.

Shortly after the end of WWII, the CIA took over the 1922 Coudenhove Kalergi plan to mix the races and created the Pan European superstate, and the United Nations was founded in New York with the Rockerfeller Foundation funding the new head quarters.

The Iranians had a "coup" in 1979 leading to barbaric Shari'a being forced back on the country's citizens, when also in 1979 coincidentally the Americans employed a Wahabbist known as Osama Bin Laden to help them rid Afghanistan of the Russians, ultimately leading to the fall of the Soviet Union and the break up and "balkanisation" of the USSR in the early 90's.

In 1995 the Barcelona Declaration was signed, which is an EU agreement with 9 muslim majority countries and Israel, for free trade and free movement of people. It came into full effect in 2010, which was coincidentally 1x year prior to the beginning of the Syrian civil war, which coincidentally was in fact started by the CIA.

On 9/11 2001 the inside job false flag attack on the WTC happened, allegedly organised by Osama Bin Laden from inside a cave in the Middle East, gaining public support for the "wars on terror".

So as you can see, the British and American "deep state" has had a long and fruitful relationship with the Israelis and Saudis, who always seem to side against Russia.

The Saudi overlords hold strong power WITH our dhimmi leaders, who are controlled by the Zionist bankers. The Saudis sit at the head of most of the UN councils now, they received a royal welcome while President Trump is ostracised, and they have joined forces with Israel against Iran. Anti islam political speakers are being jailed and banned from the country, and a young journalist from Canada just got detained under the Terrorism Act based on Shari'a blasphemy laws!

Just like how "Brexit doesn't mean Brexit" Treason May, had her "training" learning the "ropes" of the deep state as the Home Secretary, before becoming our unelected Prime Minister, Mike Pompeo spent time as head of the CIA before becoming the next Secretary of State.

Rex Tillerson was diplomatic about Iran, whereas Pompeo openly calls out Iran and truth tellers like Julian Assange, and the new head of the CIA is being nicknamed the "torturer"!

Iran is next. The proxy war in Iran is coming. And when it happens, millions more muslims who are already indoctrinated against the West, will be killed, and displaced again towards Europe and the West.

We MUST recognise what's going on here.

The Russian spy political theatre "inside job", by the corrupt British government, is just another reason to blame Russia to try and get them thrown out of the UNSC.

It's only a matter of time.

We are nearly past the point of no return. The treason against our country and the rest of the world has been going on for decades. We the people HAVE to overthrow the traitors in parliament any which way we can. It is no longer a matter of signing petitions, marching down the streets, or voting left or right; the 2x party tyrannical system is keeping us deliberately divided down party lines, rather than uniting us against the elites.

The internal bickering MUST STOP now. We have run out of time.

We need huge numbers of people uniting under ONE plan.

That plan can have differing strategies, but the end goal MUST BE THE SAME.

We need to put egos aside and start working together. Uniting the various groups so we're all working from the same page. No matter what you have to do to unite, it needs to be done asap.

We can no longer try to "wake" anymore people up. We are past that stage now. All group "leaders" must come together sooner rather than later to discuss a joint plan.

It is now critical that patriotic people gain full control of the UK - and the City of London.

Before its too late.