14. Mar, 2018


haven't yet watched the Panorama program from earlier this evening, but the general feeling on social media is that it provided "conclusive proof" that the Russians were behind the recent chemical weapon attack in Salisbury.

I am not doubting that Putin had a hand in the attack, nor that Russia is no friend of the west. From funding the Front Nationale to interfering in Brexit and the US elections, Putin is dangerous.

However, the seemingly headless rush to react to the attack as evinced by Theresa May, "moderate" Labour MP's and the media is also dangerous. What's needed is a thoughtful, careful approach to dealing with Russia, or history will repeat itself.

This video from the USA is called Investigations On WMD Lies That Led To Iraq War. By Solomon Hughes in Britain: Truth dawns: 11 years late Thursday 04 April 2013 BBC Panorama marked the 10th anniv…