14. Mar, 2018


Cressida Dick lying outright but postmodernists do not depend on the truth, they question the existence of objective, universal truth. In the light of postmodernism, such an objectively given reality is in fact socially constructed.

conclusion: Muslims are raping because society has created such structures and the society is guilty

Cressida Dick is the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London. And she is, of course, lying outright. If “grooming gangs” had been part of British society for centuries, we might have heard about it from the British writers going back to

Chaucer who wrote about conditions on the ground in the country, or from political controversies of bygone ages. But there is not one mention, not one hint, of massive numbers of British girls being raped and forced into prostitution by organized gangs until quite recently.


Peter Whittle challenges Commissioner Cressida Dick on…