12. Mar, 2018


My 13 year old grandson is fast awakening to the lies we are spun. I love our little conversations where he tells me of one of his regular chats to his teachers. He is always giving them snippets of truth on say cancer cures being suppressed, fluoride being bad for us ect. He knows all about chemtrails GMO and tells people the truth whenever he gets the chance. I love that he is not afraid to stand up to his teachers...repeaters more like. Today he said to me ''Nan one of my teachers told me Naked juice is really good for us. I told her it won't be good for us because it will have lot's of sugar in it''
I replied ''well done Taylor it will indeed be full of sugar'' He said she wasn't having it (as is the norm on anyone doing zero research) Anyhow quick search and low and behold Naked is owned by pepsico so of course it's going to be full of sugar shite. A law suit has been filed againts them for misleading the public with false advertising and they are being forced to relabel the products. I have printed this off and he is going to pass it on to her 🙂
This is seriously misleading and a danger to anyone say with cancer who thinks drinking this is going to make them healthier.
Have you ever looked at the nutrition facts on a bottle of Naked™ juice? If you haven't, you might be surprised to learn just how much sugar is inside. For instance, a small 10 ounce bottle of Naked's Green Machine has a whopping 35 grams of sugar. Compare that with 10 ounces of Pepsi, which has 34 grams of sugar. That's right, some Naked juice smoothies contain more sugar than Pepsi

PepsiCo misleadingly marketed its Naked Juice brand as healthier than it is, according to a new lawsuit.