12. Mar, 2018


Groomed, beaten, drugged, prostituted, impregnated, traded and murdered. White British girls affected in the thousands nationwide, now.

To those of you following this page and are able, I ask you to spend one day each month there is a demonstration to spend a morning traveling to participate in protests being organised against these child grooming cases.

There needs to a national conversation and reform made within both councils, policing constabularies and care units - how information on those victims and suspects is made actionable.

There needs to be conversations diagnosing why this is happening, acknowledgment of the Pakistani topic surrounding industrial grooming of white children.

Then action. It seems reasonable that if over 90% of child grooming cases are from Pakistani communities, sharp severence must be applied on immigration from that country and deportation must become a serious conversation for offenders.

What do you think?

A 40-year-old pedophile ring has been exposed following a probe into child abuse in the sleepy British town of Telford. More than 1,000 kids have been…