12. Mar, 2018


slamophobia at its best in 2018!!!
"The leaflet says: "They have hurt you, they have made your loved ones suffer. They have caused you pain and heartache. What are you going to about it?"
We are not talking about those that divert their wealth to offshore accounts. The mega corporation that avoid to pay their due taxation thanks to well arranged loopholes for them or those investment bankers that almost ruined our economy and we bailed them form our own taxes.
No, the ones that are hurting us are British Muslims regardless whether they are law obeying citizens or not even though they are working their socks off in public sectors like the NHS, Education, Social services etc. EDUCATE! EDUCATE! EDUCATE!

Leaflet offers vague rewards of points for throwing acid and beating Muslims or bombing mosques and 'nuking' Mecca.