11. Mar, 2018


This is just so insulting. Not just the pittance but how it appears to me that the management couldn`t even the **ck be bothered to give a heartfelt thanks, make an announcement expressing appreciation.

Tesco workers at a distribution centre who defied severe snow storms to turn up for their shifts have been rewarded with a lunch voucher – for £1.52.

Dozens of lorries left the supermarket giant’s Scottish depot during the storms to deliver supplies to stores.

But workers were offered meal tickets and chocolates as a thanks for their efforts.

The offer has been described as “derisory and insulting” by employees.

Livingston distribution centre manager Robert Milne caused anger when posters appeared offering staff a meal voucher as a token of thanks.

Staff were also offered “treats” for “going that extra mile”.

One Tesco worker told the Sunday Mail : “The meal voucher is being seen as absolutely derisory and insulting. It has caused a real backlash within the warehouse.

“In some cases, the voucher didn’t even cover the cost of a meal. Meals range from £1.40 to £3.

“There was a pie dish on ­Monday that cost £1.80 and people were having to add money to buy a meal. That just added insult to injury.

“Drivers are also on the road more often the not and some haven’t even seen the chocolates that were spread around the office for people to eat.”

The disgruntled employee added: “Double time or time-and-a-half for all the ­people who clocked in during the bad weather was suggested but dismissed by management.”

Tesco posted half-year profits of £471million last October.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay said: “This is yet more evidence of a huge and very profitable ­company having a complete lack of awareness of how to deal with their staff who went beyond the call of duty in such difficult ­circumstances.


The offer has been criticised by staff who ignored pleas from Police Scotland and the Scottish Government to stay at home during the weather warnings