11. Mar, 2018


"Take a moment to absorb the innovative ways the government has found to undermine, demoralise, and attack NHS workers.

There’s the never-ending real terms pay cut which, by last year, had left the average health worker nearly £2,000 poorer in real terms than 2010. Ambulance crew are £5,286 worse off. There’s the starving of resources, even as an ageing population imposes greater demand – this has been the longest squeeze in spending as a proportion of GDP since its foundation. There’s the determination to privatise swaths of the service by stealth, and a chaotic top-down reorganisation which has fragmented the service.

Throw in the scrapping of NHS bursaries, too, which has led to a collapse in nursery and midwifery applications by nearly a quarter. Then there’s the demonisation of workers when they stand up for themselves, those who dedicate their lives to caring for those in need: take the junior doctors’ strike for example. And now the government is offering NHS staff a three-year pay deal which, in real terms, is yet another cut – and funded by slashing the holidays of the already overworked."
Owen Jones

In both public and private sector, employers are routinely not paying enough. What scares them most, though, is people realising, writes Guardian columnist Owen…