10. Mar, 2018


"These useful idiots for radical Islam do what they do because they think it shows them to be better people: more caring, more sensitive, more intelligent – superior in every way to the people such as Tommy Robinson that they denigrate. Our duty is to deny them the luxury of claiming the moral high ground, to expose the fallacies of their glib, lazy, ill-informed arguments and remind them what it is they really are. They are dhimmis, liberal fascists, ugly little cowards who have probably never stood for anything truly worthwhile in their miserable spavined lives. They’re so spineless and intellectually decadent they actually value looking nice on Twitter more highly than they do defending the values of Western civilisation against an aggressive, alien culture that seeks at every turn to undermine it. They should be ashamed of themselves. Our job is to make them ashamed."

Whenever there's another terrorist atrocity, we often ask ourselves despairingly what on earth we can do to make a difference.