7. Mar, 2018



Fail Work Capability Assessment & then you don't have enough to live on.

(UC) £73.10 pw JSA equals £317pm UC

It has been losing value since 1979 & frozen since 2010.

Too low to live on but paid to 3.9m working aged adults.

Since 2010 by most councils it has been required to pay council tax and by the government the bedroom tax.

State sponsored debt, hunger and ill health are inevitable.

Low income risks Inadequate diets malnutrition, obesity, diabetes & heart disease debt & mental illness. Institute of Health Equity


(ONS/BEN01: Main out of work benefits)


Letter: The inadequacy of the £64.30 weekly jobseeker's allowance (£50.95 for the under-25s), noted by Paul Nicolson is a modern phenomenon