6. Mar, 2018


The UK has used standard arms licences to approve more than $6.4bn in arms to Saudi Arabia since the start of the war in Yemen in 2015, including advanced jets and munitions.

But figures seen exclusively by Middle East Eye show that the government has actively overseen a more than 75 per cent increase in the use of secretive "open licences" to approve additional arms sales to the kingdom, including vital parts for the jets striking targets in Yemen....
.....Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, who has called on ministers to raise the Yemen war with bin Salman when he visits London on Wednesday, added: "This disgraceful increase in the number of open export licences dates precisely from the start of the Yemen war, and means we cannot accurately assess either what weapons are being sold to Saudi Arabia, or their total value."

Thornberry went on to promise "root-and-branch reform" of the arms export system under a Labour government.


Labour's Emily Thornberry says the government is 'fuelling' Saudi's war in Yemen, as new figures show 'secret' arms exports have soared