4. Mar, 2018


Caroline Lucas, the party's co-leader, is leading calls for a review of the ban on illegal drug use in an effort to reduce the numbers of prisoners thrown into jail for minor thefts to fund their drug habits.

Drug-related offences account for about 15 per cent of prisoners, official figures show, while many offenders can be drawn into using more serious substances while behind bars.


Caroline Lucas will use her speech on Saturday in Bournemouth to call for petrol and diesel-only new cars to be phased out by 2030 and a deposit return scheme on drinks containers to be launched by the end of the year.


Can someone please explain to me why these subjects are being talked about in separate terms by the Green Party of England and Wales???

Off the top of my head, hemp sequesters 325kg of atmospheric carbon for every ton cultivated. It can produce plastics that degrade in 6 months and anywhere from 300 to 30,000 gallons of a high octane rated biofuel per acre with the THC cap removed for industrial applications and from the sticks and stems we have the future of pretty much everything in graphene.

That's tens of thousands of jobs across multiple sectors of industry and disciplines as we finally start making some headway in to the 21st century and crack on turning criminal records in to CV's!!

Tell me its not just me that sees that shit???

#ChallengeTheCharges #WarOnProhibition #CannabisNotCuts #ProsperityNotAusterity

Britain's "utterly failing" drug laws must be overhauled to help curb the number of inmates in overcrowded prisons, the Green Party will say, as party…