4. Mar, 2018


I wonder how long before Agent Flip-Flop's cult start posting Savile memes and calling Professor Jay a liar in a bid to justify Labour's rape for vote gangs.

Professor Jay said the Labour council turned a blind eye to child sexual exploitation issues, partly because it involved offenders from a community ‘expected to vote Labour’.

Remember even the great Agent Flip-Flop turn a blind eye to child abuse when told it was going on in his own back yard and also Labour MP Sarah Champion was sacked by Agent Flip-Flop for telling the truth.

Champion vows to keep speaking out about sex abuse gangs after being forced to resign by Corbyn. Agent Flip-Flop said she was wrong to highlight the relevance of cultural background in child sex grooming cases and instead backed Shah who told the victims of Labour's rape for vote gangs to ' Shut their months.'

Rotherham councillors ‘tried to keep a lid’ on the town’s grooming scandal, the professor who revealed the full extent of the problem has said.