15. Feb, 2018


Re the DWP Press Office Valentines Day Tweet

Just plain nasty and vindictive

At one time , the #DWP were relatively benign , they ' encouraged ' it or at least to a point and / or they'd at least ' back off ' at least for the time being !

In the hope that he'd support her with a quality sustainable job - Yes I know it's all BS ! and she'd come off income support or whatever benefits

Cue Iain Duncan Smith and the Centre for ' Social Justice ' - up the aisle we all go - as long as people have ' permission ' from the State and the Church to be together

Back to the 50s and 60s more like ! - sadly this will chime with the Kipper and Daily Mail gallery

Ed Milliband had to make a ' honest woman ' of Justine as the Tory papers disapproved

For a so called small state party - the state can never be big enough for the people that they don't approve of

Hence all this punitive , conditional punishment - very authoritarian bordering on the totalitarian

'These boys' will go looking for 'the alternative on the internet' if they don't tie the knot, says IDS.