15. Feb, 2018




So that's it then. He's got away with this. Not on my watch he ain't. Let's make sure he can't live in the UK no more. Now we have to expose the filthy beast. Show everyone his face. This is Paul Worthington he raped his own daughter baby Poppi. And she died of asphyxiation does he live near you. Beware and on the look out this man is capable of anything. He is currently living under a different identity. With police protection. Costing £1000s of pounds. Spread far and wide. He has no conviction so could live with a new woman with children.

RIP baby Poppi

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News story here:

I've put this post on my personal page to public. So spread the word about this beast. 😡

Poppis DNA was found on his genitals for f**k sake. And the poor mites backside was bleeding. His sister cleaned away the evidence. Such as a nappy with blood on it. Pajamas went missing. His laptop went missing. He said he'd sold it. And the cps are saying he can't be done. 😡 Surely the police can't be that dumb. To take a swab of his privates then they didn't take the case seriously. The local council even tried keeping the lid on it. They didn't want the public to know.
And it inquest he refused to answer 220 questions. But said one thing that got me mad as hell. He called Poppi. He said she was a bully. 😡 Evil or what.

This happened in Barrow in Furness.

IPCC report here:

Its widely covered that police fkd this case from the first second

Please sign the public inquiry petition.

Petition here: https://www.change.org/p/justice-poppisvoice-independent-re…


Tweet Teresa May Corbyn Amber Rudd. Tell them we won't take it no more.

For the people saying this is fake ffs read this. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Brutalised-betrayed-Britain-ha…

Update: Four Cumbrian MP,s have collectively wrote to the Prime minister calling for a public enquiry in the name of justice for Poppi worthington. Please contact your own local MP asking what support they are offering the four Cumbrian MPs call for a public enquiry. Find a link to the 10 Downing Street website petition to sign and show your own support for a public enquiry.