15. Feb, 2018


'Nobody expects to be given financial help from the state without some conditions. But are the conditions proportionate to the help? 14 million people are living in poverty, many in work. And their benefits have been frozen while the price of rent and travel and food continues to soar. And yet, from sanctions to Universal Credit, the government continues to demand ever-increasing compliance, and meekness, and loss of privacy, in exchange for so little money that you’ll need to use a food bank anyway.

The DWP are forcing people already constrained by poverty into a life that is narrow and suffocating and fearful. It’s a deliberate strategy, as cruel as it is ineffective. So it doesn’t matter how many cutesy gifs they dress it up with this Valentine’s Day—don’t be fooled. This government is heartless.'

Don't be fooled by their cutesy gifs. Between the bedroom tax and universal credit, being on benefits introduces a whole load of complications to our love lives