15. Feb, 2018


A damning indictment of the Conservative Governments shameful record on tackling homelessness, as a homeless man is found dead in the vicinity of the Houses of Parliament, bringing the issue right to the governments door.

Meanwhile, the Tories pretend that they're not responsible, and worse, actively urge homelessness to be banned in our inner city areas because people sleeping on the streets, is bad for Profits.

One must wonder then precisely where the homeless are supposed to go? Would the Tories prefer that they seek shelter in the woods. Perhaps they might like to send the hunts out in pursuit of them?

A little extra fun for the well to do to get their jollies, as the Dogs tear at their legs to the trumpeting of horns.

Nothing would surprise us...

Vote of No Confidence in the UK Conservatives

MPs criticise government policies after rough sleeper pronounced dead in Westminster area, London