14. Feb, 2018


Would you consider allowing this to stay up a while? If you have been a victim this will hit a chord

Oh I bet I've got mixed up as uk ok lots of groups I try to follow rules I just thought you could help
Admin if you just left this up a few minutes I can't tell tog how happy I would be

We started it Monday Sunday night and Monday the echo featured it. It's an issue trending in the press

This is clearly to help those very poorly being reported by disgruntled fruecds

This is so hurtful and the Dwp can and will stop money instantly wth just ah anonymous call and no evidence which I only learned at Xmas

Over the year 2016-2017 nearly 174,00 allegations were closed and 149,450 (86%) of tip offs were incorrect allegations. Over the financial years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 332,850 cases were closed following reports by members of the…