14. Feb, 2018



"I think she’ll put a memo around her department to make sure that, when they’re hiding information from government committees, they co-ordinate to ensure that it is hidden from everyone.
The whole department needs to be disbanded; its bosses dismissed in disgrace, never to work for public services again.
The contempt in which they hold the British people is outrageous."

"It seems that the issue is worse than I stated: Esther McVey’s department has been found to have sent one set of figures to the Commons Work and Pensions Committee, and then sent another set – that the DWP had told the committee weren’t available – in response to a Freedom of Information request.
So the DWP has been deliberately trying to hide information from MPs.
Now, why would anybody want to do that?"

This Site’s article about the Tories wasting more than £100 million in two years on persecuting the sick and disabled made a very important point – that the figures never tie together p…