14. Feb, 2018


So, following on from recent news that 'On the Spot' mobile fingerprinting is now being rolled out in our country, it makes sense that people should know their rights, and that they don't have to comply with these requests unless certain criteria exist, most importantly that the police actually suspect that you have committed a crime and have good reason to suspect that.

Netpol.org, an organisation that keeps tabs on UK policing, has just released a guide to advise people of those rights, and whether or not they have good grounds to refuse a scan.

If this invasive tech is something that you personally disagree with, which to be honest, alarm bells should be ringing in everyone's head, then this is certainly well worth a read.

Knowing your rights here is essential...

Last week, the Metropolitan police confirmed that its officers have started to use mobile fingerprint scanners, the 25th UK police force to do so. Initially the Met have 350 of these devices, linke…