13. Feb, 2018


Last Sunday I had presented the outline of the changes needed for long over-due reform of the UK Independence Party constitution.

Today, I am pleased to announce the release of two documents; the initial 'Draft Constitution Amendments' and the 'Digital Technology Strategy' are both available for perusal through following the links attached to this message. Small adjustments to the draft document should be expected to follow.

I had stated throughout my leadership campaign that I had intended to reform the National Executive Committee, build up the party infrastructure and revolutionise UKIP into the digital age where it will become a dominant force in British politics once again.

Draft Constitution Brochure

Digital Technology Strategy

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Launch speech held in Canterbury, Kent on 11th February 2018 A New Constitution These long-overdue party reforms are essential for our party to become fit for purpose and able to influence the shaping of our nation's…