13. Feb, 2018


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Gloria Potte

Lost me
I wonder how much this costs McDonalds , the more this gets around the more customers they will loose .
Maccas pay Halal Certification Fees & Charges!

One of our Members [HR] tells us his experience at Maccas...
”I had to pick something up from Grays Online at Lidcombe yesterday and on the way back we called into Maccas on the corner of Parramatta Rd and Silverwater Rd.
I got a Quarter Pounder and Erica got some Crispy Chicken, BLT Burger (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) The crispy was some rectangular things like corn chips but her bacon was cold and sort of pale and watery.
When she questioned it at the counter and said the bacon should be cooked and a bit crispy, she was informed that they now do the bacon in the microwave because if they put it on the grill it would contaminate the other meats and they would lose their HALAL Certification.”

She then said,
"So I can't have it how we have eaten it all our lives because this minority say it offends them?"

The only reply was a shrug of the shoulders and a comment that this was a HALAL Store.
It seems that even the mighty Maccas have bowed to the Muslim Halal Beast.
So next time you get a burger from Maccas and wonder why the bacon doesn't taste right, you'll know that it was thawed out and heated up in the microwave because it offends less than 3% of the population, (according to Google) and they want to keep their Halal Certification.
I Guess that scratches Maccas off my food list. Maybe a good thing and I'll lose some weight.
Feel free to forward this to whoever you want.”