13. Feb, 2018


In November 2004, the British tabloids revealed that, since 2000, Johnson had been having an affair with Spectator columnist Petronella Wyatt, resulting in two terminated pregnancies. Johnson initially dismissed the claims as "piffle".
After the allegations were proven, Howard asked Johnson to resign from his position as vice-chairman and shadow arts minister, not because of the affair but because he had publicly lied about it. Johnson refused, at which point Howard sacked him from those positions.

Rupert Murdoch should be asked why Johnson has been not been sacked by Theresa May.

'Murdoch’s “closest [political] relationship is with Boris,” said a person familiar with Murdoch’s thinking.
And the Murdoch connection is enhanced by the presence of Michael Gove at the top of Johnson’s emerging government-in-waiting.
The justice secretary — like Johnson a former journalist on Murdoch’s Times — may be even closer to Murdoch than Johnson, say others close to News Corp.
Gove regularly attends private dinners with Murdoch and his inner circle, and was a guest with his wife Sarah Vine (a Daily Mail columnist) at Murdoch’s wedding to the actress and model Jerry Hall in London in March.
When Gove declared his intention to campaign for Britain to leave the EU in February, Murdoch tweeted his approval: “Congratulations Michael Gove. Friends always knew his principles would overcome his personal friendships.”
Friends or not, however, Johnson and Gove can’t take Murdoch’s support for granted.
Speaking at a Times event in London on Tuesday, the mogul said Johnson would face a “bloody revolt” if he backtracked on promises made during the referendum campaign, according to tweets by journalists in the audience.
The Sun columnist Trevor Kavanagh (who is close to Murdoch) picked up the theme in a piece in Wednesday’s edition.
“They will honour ALL their promises to millions of Sun readers and others,” Kavanagh said.
“Boris and Michael would be finished if they didn’t give effect to what they said in the campaign,” Kavanagh added, quoting an anonymous source.'

Leading Brexiteer is close to media mogul, but he’d better not backslide on his promises.