13. Feb, 2018


🇬🇧️️ Cabinet minister Andrea Leadsom sent 'anti-#Brexit' death threat?
🕵️‍♀️Question: why on Earth would anyone wanna hurt #Andrea #Leadsom for crying out loud, 🤔are these people all Qrackers or what's gwaani? Why do they hate this woman so much. She doesn't even deliberately have black folks or token ethnic community members around her even for photo opps alone to say thats why she's pissing them off, so , what has she truly done wrong, who has she offended ?They've set her up, twisted her words and kicked out of the Prime-ministerial race / job, replaced her with heartless Mrs Cabal - Theresa 'MAYDUP May and now death threats? Perhaps she should get out of politics, public service etc and look after her children. FORK ' EM/
REMINDER - WTF?- this is not a joke, On 16 June 2016, Member of parliament #JillCox died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in Birstall, where she had been due to hold a constituency surgery. #ThomasMair, a man associated with the far-right organisation re-tweeted by 🇺🇸️american president #Donaldtrump, was found guilty of her murder in November and sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order.

Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom is the latest to have received a death threat from a group purporting to be "the real 48 per cent".