11. Feb, 2018


#MeToo - I can see why Brendan Cox gave the "Jo Cox Award" to "Stop Funding Hate" in October 2017 - the group that is trying to get The Sun, The Express and The Mail shut down - when the Daily Mail is prepared to publish this.

And because of his martyred wife, of course, he has attained beatific status. The bleeding heart left that has cheered on every scalping and guillotining of males accused by the #MeToo movement, I expect, will issue a flurry of denials on their Twitter feeds. And of course, no-one on the delusional wing of the left will want to believe the words of a "hate paper" like The Mail.

But this has been a long time coming. Not so long back, I was called by journalist Nick Cohen "a shitty excuse for a man" on my FB wall for merely detailing how Cox was accused of inappropriate behaviour towards women who were employed at Save the Children charity in late 2015, when his sainted wife was still alive. Cox, who was campaign director for Save the Children, resigned. Surely, if he was innocent, he should have fought his corner?

The woman reported Brendan Cox to American police in 2015, claiming he assaulted her late at night at Harvard University – although Mr Cox strongly…