10. Feb, 2018


In he UK over the last 20-30 years, pedophile grooming gangs who are almost entirely made up of men who identify themselves as Pakistani Muslims are estimated to be responsible for the systematic abuse and rape of up to 1 MILLION UNDERAGE GIRLS.

Many people, myself included have laid some responsibility at the door of mainstream media for failing to publicise the crimes..... PERHAPS THOUGH I'M WRONG ABOUT THIS.

In the following short video, Times investigative journalist Andrew Norfolk speaks about his long term study into this crime epidemic. His findings demonstrate incompetence, negligence and downright criminality from the highest levels of UK politics, from many local governments and throughout the government agencies responsible for the care of children (Social Services etc). His investigations also highlight unacceptable failings at every level of the UK Police. They failed miserably to provide protection to the huge numbers of girls caught up in this depraved web of predatory sex offenders, including many instances when the girls themselves or their family members reported these crimes and asked for help but they were not given it.

Andrew Norfolk deserves enormous praise for his work on this issue, as does his bosses at The Times for providing him with the platform to inform the British public about what was going on. Often mainstream media is called to question for not reporting certain politically sensitive matters. However, this is one situation in which they must be applauded for doing all they could to let the world know about the grooming gangs who were preying on Britain's young girls. It's just a massive shame that those paid to ensure the safety of those children did not take heed of Mr Norfolk's excellent work and DO THE JOB THEY'RE PAID AND EXPECTED TO DO.

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