9. Feb, 2018


Jacob Rees Mogg has denounced the Treasury today, casting aspersions that it is not allowed to make economic forecasts and therefore is publishing propaganda. He's trying to pull the wool over the eyes of both civil servants and the public from George Osborne's expensive and unnecessary Office of Budget Responsibility, which forecasts the #UK economy and accredits financial performance from #Conservative policy much too optimistically.

Therefore Osborne's OBR is the government propaganda organisation, and not the Treasury , as the pretentious snob Rees Mogg is tricking you to believe.

This divisive man has further accused the Treasury of politically influencing Brexit. In my learned opinion, I am much more comfortable with respectable civil servants in government, who are behind the scenes, rather than pompous authoritarian money grabbing MPs like Rees Mogg, with their sinecures to boot.

A supporter of Theresa May, like her Rees Mogg is "completely against" a customs union with European countries after Brexit. Such a consequence, after March next year, will be ecomomic and employment suicide for Britian: being exposed to World Trade Organisation customs and Tariffs. Retail prices will shoot through the roof. It is not at all clear whether the Prime Minister is considering an alternative idea to either having a customs union after Brexit, or not having one.

Jacob Rees Mogg is a political incendiary and illiterate. He is the #Tories' top dolt. I implore the constituents of Somerset North East to de-select this incompetent.

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It is the second time this week Eurosceptic Jacob Rees-Mogg has criticised Brexit economic forecasts.