9. Feb, 2018


Whole groups of scabrous Labour councillors are shitting on the working class residents of our major cities. They are in the pockets of developers and landlords - more 'luxury apartments', more fake 'affordable' rents, more offshore property parasites, more social cleansing.

As a class, we will have to start taking direct action. We need to occupy, squat and requisition the empty investment blocks - these ghostly totems to global greed that are springing up everywhere across our skylines.

I dream that squatting will return. Not just the odd squat, but a gigantic, coordinated, nationwide flash squat of multiple empty sites all at once, which might give the squatters more of a chance to settle in while the opposing forces flap around trying to decide which enormous phalanx to evict first.

Direct Action. Mutual Aid. Solidarity.

Mass working-class squats of 1946 remind us that the UK housing crisis can and must be challenged by direct action