7. Feb, 2018


Can someone please tell me if they have heard about this law coming in ?

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The government have anounced new rules for anyone over the age of 16 who ride a bicycle in the uk. The new rules are designed to prevent cyclists having the anonymity currently enjoyed by riders. A spokesman for home affairs have implemented these new laws that come into force in the UK on 1st march 2018

All riders and bicycles will now have to be registered with an insurance company for them to be used on a public road.

All bicycles must display a registration mark that will be available from 28th february 2018 from the DVLA.

All riders will have to obey the highway code as all other road users have to.

These radical changes are designed to make all cyclists responsible for their actions after a select committee noticed a huge increase in complaints from drivers of vehicles using the roads in the UK.

All cyclists will be responsible for their actions just lke normal road users. In a hope to reduce the number of cyclist related accidents and injuries. Anyone who wants to register their bicycle should contact the DVLA on 0870 042 0450