13. Jan, 2018


When any person stands in front of our own TV and lies to us as a people, it demeans us all whether we like it or not and in this millennium the ability to tell lies and commit criminal offences by our lords representatives and peers has gone into the region of being a criminal cartel rather than a representative government.

The fact that the lies and criminality is unchallengeable by any laws in our country is in itself a criminal act.

The fact that we, as a people, have not one offence that we, independently or collectively, can bring against members of parliament for the deaths of 120,000 innocent British people is beyond contempt.

The fact that many survivors of child abuse by politicians, lords, representatives and peers are criminalised, hounded and sectioned for speaking out is criminal in intent and direction.

The fact that these offences against children have continued unabated and assisted by ministers and other prominent authority figures in our upper echelons is the nail that should be driven time and again into political ideology.

Because when politicians do not stop this child abuse, do not stop the colleagues in their own ranks aiding and abetting these offences and when our own politicians use the official secrets act to cover up the criminal offences by their friends and colleagues, then all of our politicians are guilty under British law of enablement.

The fact that there is not a police official with the nuts to enforce the laws of the land on our politician’s representatives and peers just proves the point of pointlessness of political representation.

The fact that the police and policing, courts and legal aid have been privatised and/or destroyed leaves our whole country and resourses in the hands of politicians who can’t control the criminal element in their own ranks.

War crimes, child abuse, human rights violations, deaths and misery, what part of that is worth one politician?

We need a country guided by the principle of law and justice instead we have lying politicians who protect offenders and enable/defend offences against children with our own official secrets act.

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