13. Jan, 2018


Oh dear me! Mike Harding?
Sarah Ansell (Letters, 11 January) praises Larry Elliott on his take on buyer’s remorse for Brexit. Her view is that the EU never works in the interests of workers. But years of peace worked in the interests of us all, including workers. Safety regulations, food quality rules, workers’ rights, paternity leave and sick leave all work to the benefit of employees.

In 1974, this country was the sick man of Europe and our economy was a basket case. We entered the EU and over the following years our economy improved – much to the benefit of the working class. The increase in trade benefited workers as well as bosses, and the right to travel and work meant that, in the 1980s, many tradesmen from these islands travelled into Europe for jobs – remember Auf Wiedersehen, Pet? It wasn’t science fiction.

She says EU treaties have allowed the capitalist class to cut public spending, privatise and sell our assets abroad. No, that was the Tories from Thatcher onwards and has nothing to do with the EU. The rest of her letter is sadly pie in the sky, Labour cakery. An “alternative workers’ sovereignty”? What’s that?

Only Corbyn understands all this, she claims. I’m 73 and have voted Labour all my life. I stood on platforms with Tony Benn, Ann Taylor, Dennis Skinner and Arthur Scargill, and fought for the left all my life. This year, more left than ever, I tore up my Labour party membership card in disgust.

An insular, sloganising, Leninist little England run by a party that is eating itself and has failed in opposition (we should be creaming the Tories now) is something I no longer want to be part of.
Mike Harding
Langcliffe, North Yorkshire

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