13. Jan, 2018


One year ago today and 8,600 views later this is probably the most emotional thing ive filmed , Jaqui's arrest at Brockham for standing up for what she believed in. In the end Angus Energy were drilling an illegal sidetrack on the wrong wellhead and insisting they were doing routine maintenance , despite emails and calls to Surrey County Council they lied to get 24/7 permission to fix a " Hydrocarbon leak " which was not reported to any authority .1 year on and they have still not produced one drop of oil and are in real trouble . One thing to remember , this was made possible by those who set up camp at Brockham and persisted with research , some like Jacqui Hamlin were arrested , many cases were thrown out of court but the fact that the Police continued to target locals who supported the camp shows the dirty tactics used by Oil & Gas companies in the hope that the inevitable breaches of planning permission and the lies that were told to investors were kept secret. Power to the people , they are still on the case and will be until this foul industry is gone from our land forever #wesaidno #waterislife #keepitintheground xx

Jacqui's arrest at Brockham has to be the most emotional thing I have filmed, she had only been there 10 mins and was not…