12. Jan, 2018


EGYPT: The amazing and mysterious Sabu disc!

- This prehistoric artifact was found in 1936 by British Egyptologist Walter Bryan Emery in the tomb of Sabu (around 3100-3000 BCE), Pharaoh Anedjib’s son, the 5th pharaoh of the First Dynasty.
- The Sabu Disc has a maximum diameter of 61 cm and a maximum height of 10 cm. It is made from a very fragile material, called metasiltstone. Bending this material without fracturing it would be hard even for modern technology.
- What was the purpose of this mysterious disc? Why would ancient Egyptians create such an elaborate object? According to conventional history, 5000 years ago people did not possess the necessary tools to work so diligently on the fragile siltstone. Why would ancient Egyptians put so much effort in its creation, if it didn’t have any specific purpose?
- Is it possible that the Sabu disc is an instrument of megalithic energy used by mankind more than 5000 years ago?

Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and explore this mysterious ancient artifact with us during our From the Mists of Time through the Age of the Pharaohs journey, March 26 - April 9, 2018 with Mark and Andrea, who have been leading spiritual pilgrimages around the world since 1994, and yearly to Egypt since 2000. They're longtime avid researchers, teachers and practitioners of the Egyptian Mystery Tradition.

This is a ONE-TIME LOW-PRICED Journey to EGYPT. We won't be offering another trip to Egypt again anytime soon. The journey is a "go"; we only have a few places left. Registration closes soon! So if you’re being called to join us, reserve your space now!

For a detailed itinerary, pricing and a registration form, visit www.SacredSitesJourneys.com/Egypt-…/Egypt-MarchApril2018.htm
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This prehistoric artifact was found in 1936 by British Egyptologist Walter Bryan Emery. The strange disc was discovered in the tomb of Sabu (around 3100-3000 BC), Pharaoh Anedjib’s son. Anedjib was the fifth pharaoh of the first dynasty of…