10. Jan, 2018


Life after death .....

I was raised in a family who believed life did not end when your body stopped working. Previous generations of our family had themselves experienced certain events, and their knowledge had eventually passed on to us..... I won't go into intricate detail here, but I will say that some amazing experiences were witnessed by close relatives of mine. Collectively these magical tales provided a body of proof to our future generations that the wondrous gift of life did not end when our heart stopped beating and the lungs breathed no more.

Finding proof in written format or on film is almost impossible. I know because I've searched high and low and not found anything....... EXCEPT THAT IS a documentary that was made over a 5 year period by a group of individuals who each were successful in various fields. By the time they finished their film, they had created perhaps the BEST EVER EVIDENCE OF THE AFTERLIFE.

Their film is called 'THE SCOLE EXPERIMENTS' and you'll find the link directly below. It's simply AMAZING and provides all the proof you'll ever need to prove there's more to life than many people ever thought possible. A friend of mine watched this film in November 2017, just after the death of his Dad. He rang me as soon as it finished playing on his laptop and his words to me were, 'I'm amazed Tim. I used to think life ended when your body died, but now I reckon it is probably just the start'..... I agree with him.

This documentary has it all. EVP's, mediums,…