8. Jan, 2018


I am sure like ourselves, Many of you here, have been distressed by the plight of homelessness in our country over the past months,years. If what I post now, doesnt 'Move' you in some way to STAND UP, ALONGSIDE each other and Rid our country of this evil draconian government, nothing will !! How the hell the reporter, states, the high street returned to 'normal' I have NO IDEA!! This is Not a 'Normal' type of event and I find this devastating that it should happen anywhere in the UK in 2018
NEVER forget. the Power of the People really IS greater than the people in Power!

A witness told the Messenger how they were walking their dog at 8.15am when they came across the emergency crews.

He added that he saw two paramedics running towards the dustcart with a longboard. The air ambulance was also alerted and landed in nearby Castle Gardens at 8.30am but wasn't needed and left around 9am.

Fire service spokesman Sacha Taylor said: "Crews were called at 7.50am following reports of a man trapped in a bin lorry outside the Don Vincenzo restaurant.
"They worked alongside ambulance, paramedics and a technician from the bin lorry company to rescue the man."

The bin lorry belongs to Veolia, which is contracted by Medway Council to collect rubbish from around the Towns.

The cordon was lifted at 9.15am and the high street has returned to normal.


The air ambulance has landed in a town centre amid concerns someone may have been seriously injured.