7. Jan, 2018


It is somewhat ironic, don't you think, that those who voted in favour of Brexit, did so predominantly in order to avoid the EU having too much control over our countries affairs, only to find that in giving this abomination of a government control of the actual proceedings, we now stand to lose far, far more.

It is certainly no secret now that the Tories see our Human Rights as something that are 'in the way' of their policies, and in leaving the EU, they now have the perfect means to rewrite those rights to suit their purposes, free from any outside interference or controls.

This makes us all incredibly vulnerable now as rules that protect us are being rewritten to lower standards, and TTIP is knocking at our door. Although not the EU's anymore, it would seem.

Indeed, our regular readers will know that is is our belief that the Conservatives wanted out of the EU for these purposes from the very start, and that in order to achieve that end, they would even go so far as to sacrifice their two most unpopular MP's by putting them in for Remain, in the hope that the public would want to bloody their noses with a Leave vote.

That worked a treat it would seem, and when it was coupled with a plan to exploit the peoples engineered perception of excessive immigration, the deed was most assuredly done.

We are leaving, they now cry. The will of the people MUST be respected (but only when it suits us), insists May.

And now here we stand, all but about to lose everything that our forebearers fought and died for throughout two world war's to protect...

Sweeping powers to water down human rights and equalities laws would be handed to the Government by Brexit legislation to be debated this week, MPs have been warned.