7. Jan, 2018


Is Kokesh's idealism and subjective optimism , despite it's complete disconnect from reality in terms of projections based upon objective facts and history etc , closer to a moral , natural law position , than Stefans objective , fact based position , that fully grasps the actual real world outcomes of our possible aproaches to immigration ? Is it more moral to pretend that reality is the way you think and want it to be , than to face the actual confirmable verities of our current existence ? (apologies for the loaded questions) I obviously side with Stefan very strongly . That is not to say that the end justifies the means , but that dealing with the actual dynamics at play is morally superior than imagining what you want to be true . I think walking down a road that will inevitably lead to massive human suffering because of an abstract principle based upon vanity and your purist logic is self indulgent and crass .
Besides , a moral , stateless , bordertarian set of solutions to the problem of dissalowing latecomers imbued with toxic chronic collectivist philosophies driven by economic necessity , will emerge . One solution to the state controlled borders , as mentioned in this video , is for individuals to band together , buy all the borderlands and create a private wall = no government needed . And anyone who wishes to invite someone onto their property from outside, may do so , but will have to take full responsabilty for their actions and needs.