6. Jan, 2018


"Nicklen’s hyperbole notwithstanding, the footage is sad—that bear really is starving to death. But the video and the emotional reaction to it online speaks volumes about the intellectual dishonesty of global warming alarmists. There’s no way to know why this particular animal is dying. There was no postmortem done on the bear and there is of course nothing scientific about the emotionally-charged video.
Several wildlife biologists have criticized Sea Legacy for linking this one bear with climate change, noting that polar bears starve to death every year for reasons that have nothing to do with climate change. Moreover, the video was shot in August, a period of seasonal famine for polar bears, which build up reserves of fat in the spring and summer."

A recent video of a starving polar bear tugged at the heartstrings of global warming alarmists. But the fact is, polar bears are doing just fine.