6. Dec, 2017


Perhaps at times it is good to reflect on how much better Labour is getting at adjusting policy and political position in relation to Brexit

We are moving and taking the public with us, the latest commitment to keeping single market/customs union on the table is an indication of this.

It was only in late June this year that we applied a three line whip on Labour MPs to vote against staying in single market/customs union and three shadow ministers were sacked for rebelling over this

This is why the tories are in disarray - we are being politically ruthless and adult enough to allow policy to evolve

Jeremy Corbyn has sacked several members of his frontbench team after a party split in the Commons about how to oppose the Government on Brexit. Three shadow ministers were sacked and at least one more resigned after they joined a total of 49 MPs who supported a rebel amendment to the Queen’s Spee...