4. Dec, 2017


"From revelling in his personal and professional attempts to avoid paying tax in the UK, to smearing the leader of the Labour Party (thereby deflecting criticism of his train service), and from wading into the EU referendum debate unwanted to buying up and closing down NHS services across the UK – the brand is not looking good.
Now, the response to these incidents might have varied depending on how you cast your vote in the EU referendum or the General Election. But Branson’s latest scandal is likely to universally appal, regardless of political affiliation.
Just a few days ago, his company was successful in suing the NHS over a tendering battle – reportedly leaving a cash-strapped Clinical Commissioning Group with financial liabilities running to hundreds of thousands of pounds.
To trace back the roots of this scandal, we have to go back to the Coalition government. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in power pushed through the Health and Social Care Act 2012. One of the most singularly damaging pieces of legislation brought in in the last decade, the act has forced an increasingly fragmented and marketised internal structure on the NHS."
Keith Taylor

Richard Branson's company won a legal battle against a cash-strapped health service - over a tendering process we never should have had.