4. Dec, 2017


If I was an alien in a spacecraft approaching earth as most people think of the earth (as a globe) from immediately down below aiming straight up at Antarctica, to meet some scientists there...at what point does the earth suddenly flip over so the ground is now down below and the heavens from whence I've just come from is now up, not down? Huh?

If gravity is such a strong force how come I can throw very easily a weighted object up into the air with relative ease some way before it comes back down to the ground? If I'm a ship weighing 50,000 tons and I just happen to be bang on the side of the planet, how come the ruddy thing doesn't follow the law of gravity on a globe model of the earth and start falling straight down through the water at freefall speed?

If I believe the earth is a globe how come people in Australia are not walking around pretty much upside down with their feet above their heads?

Why are there no trans-Atlantic direct flights from South Africa to South America if the earth is a globe? (Try and find one - good luck).

If I travel at 1,000mph in a jet at 50,000 feet how come the horizon always rises to meet me instead of falling away, and why do I not have to constantly push the control column forward to push the nose down, because if I did not do so on a globe model of the earth, surely eventually my height would keep on increasing but it does not. Why not?

The government is lying to you.



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