2. Dec, 2017


The Home Secretary (a very high position in the Conservative-held UK government) could be sent to prison for contempt of court after she ordered an asylum seeker to be returned to Kabal in Afghanistan where he was at great risk of being beheaded by the Taliban.

No less than three court orders were defied by Amber Rudd MP (who only very narrowly maintained her seat in parliament at the last general election after three recounts of the vote which eventually came down in her favour).

Defying the judges' decision to allow the asylum seeker to stay in the United Kingdom, she ordered the deportation almost certainly sealing his fate. Now in a turnaround unseen before after it went to appeal again, the asylum seeker in question has been flown back to the United Kingdom from Kabal after Amber Rudd was ordered by the appeal court to have him returned.

The case is now causing an uproar in the UK.


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Critics are calling for Amber Rudd to resign after the Home Office appeared to violate court rulings ordering a deported asylum seeker to be returned to the UK.