2. Dec, 2017


The film Padmavati was due to be released in the UK today. But thanks to Hindu fundamentalists issuing violent threats, its release has been indefinitely delayed - and quite possibly censored altogether.

This is just the latest sign that the Hindu right, like the intolerant wings of several other religions, is growing increasingly assertive.

In this blog, Chris Sloggett says the only response that can work is consistently to insist that religion is a private matter. If we fail to do that, religious fundamentalist ideas will enter - and eventually dominate - mainstream discourse. The more one 'side' makes its beliefs an area of public interest and gains special concessions, the more its competitors will demand the same thing.

Only secular principles can defeat any form of fundamentalism.

Please let us know your thoughts below.

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Violent threats look set to censor a film which was due for UK release today. It's the latest sign of rising Hindu fundamentalism. In response, Chris…